Things to Do in Seligman, Arizona: The Birthplace of Historic Route 66

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There are so many interesting things to do in Seligman, Arizona that it’s hard to know where to start. Do you take photos with all the vintage cars, vibrant murals, and quirky roadside attractions? Do you hop into a motorcycle museum? Do you grab a burger with a side of smiles or a “road kill” chicken sandwich for lunch? Do you stop into this store or that for the perfect road trip souvenir? The answer to all of those is yes. Because Seligman is bursting with fun sites to see and Route 66 pride. You’ll want to take your time here and discover it all.

Once a bustling pit stop along the historic Route 66, Seligman, Arizona retains its nostalgic charm with pride. Known as the “Birthplace of Historic Route 66,” this town holds a special place in the heart of Route 66 enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Its history intertwines with the development and legacy of the famous highway that connected Chicago to Los Angeles, symbolizing freedom and exploration for countless travelers in the mid-20th century.

Founded in 1886 as a railroad town, Seligman’s true claim to fame came with the arrival of Route 66 in 1926. The town quickly became a beloved stop for travelers journeying from Chicago to Los Angeles.

At the height of its popularity, 9,000 vehicles moved through Seligman every day, stopping at the businesses, restaurants, service stations, and motels in town. That all changed on September 22, 1978. When I-40 was erected and travelers could now bypass this small town’s main street. With that change, local businesses no longer had customers to serve.

With the rise of I-40 Seligman might have faded into obscurity and travel on Route 66 might have further declined. But it was here in this town that that fate was reversed.

On February 18, 1987, local barber Angel Delgadillo set up a meeting between representatives from Route 66 towns in Arizona at the Copper Cart Restaurant. There they formed the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona, and elected Angel as president. It was the first association of its kind, but not the last.

By November of that year their efforts were so successful that the State of Arizona designated the stretch of old U.S. 66 from Seligman to Kingman as “Historic Route 66.” Eventually the other seven states on The Mother Road formed their own Route 66 associations dedicated to its preservation and successfully preserved portions of their own.

As you wander through Seligman’s streets today, you’ll encounter relics of Route 66’s golden age. Classic diners and drive-ins serve up mouthwatering comfort food, neon-lit signs beckon travelers to pull over, and vintage cars are proudly parked out front—all contributing to the town’s timeless allure. The vibrancy of its culture, preserved with care, invites visitors to delve into a world where the past seamlessly merges with the present.

From quirky roadside attractions to hidden gems tucked away in the desert landscape, this town offers an array of activities to captivate every explorer’s heart.

Explore all of the best things to do in Seligman, Arizona and get ready to discover the magic of this Route 66 town—one fascinating stop at a time.

Things to Do in Seligman, Arizona

Angel & Vilma Delgadillo's Original Route 66 Gift Shop in Seligman, Arizona Route 66 Museum and Gift Shop

Angel & Vilma Delgadillo’s Original Route 66 Gift Shop

Angel Delgadillo was a barber for nearly 50 years. But he’s just as known for being the “Guardian Angel” of Route 66.

Visit Angel & Vilma Delgadillo’s Original Route 66 Gift Shop to peruse the souvenirs and purchase that perfect memento to commemorate your stop in the “Birthplace of Route 66.” Take some time to peruse the museum, housed in Angel’s former barbershop. It is filled with photos, antiques, and memorabilia, including his barber chair with a cardboard cutout of Angel himself.

Copper Cart & Route 66 Motoporium in Seligman, Arizona

Copper Cart and Route 66 Motoporium

Known for its iconic neon sign and great Mexican food, the Copper Cart in Seligman, Arizona was once one of the most popular Route 66 restaurants in town. You can no longer get food at this establishment, but you can still come inside: the building is now home to the Route 66 Motoporium.

Check out the motorcycles, vehicles, vintage signs, and other Route 66 memorabilia inside. And explore outside to find a variety of murals and full-sized vintage cars, including a fun VW bus covered in stickers and signatures.

Historic Seligman Sundries in Seligman, Arizona

Historic Seligman Sundries

The Historic Seligman Sundries is housed in one of the oldest buildings in Seligman, built in 1904. The building originally was home to Pioneer Hall Theatre and later to Dancehall Ted’s Fountain “Famous for Malts.”

Today at this location you can find Historic Seligman Sundries, a coffee bar and gift shop. Outside you’ll find some fun Route 66 photo ops, like an airplane lodged into the roof, a 1986 Pontiac Piero, and an old-fashioned police car.

The Rusty Bolt in Seligman, Arizona

The Rusty Bolt

The Rusty Bolt in Seligman, Arizona is one of the most unique stops in this Route 66 town. Outside you’ll notice some very unusual guests: mannequin dummies sit on the roof and the porch. You’ll also find fun signs and a Route 66 mural outside. The store is also known for the photo ops with its pink Ford Edsel automobile out front.

Inside, the gift shop features Route 66 and Americana-related merchandise along with leather and biking gear. Plus you can grab a free cup of coffee to keep you going the rest of the day on the road.

Return to the 50's Gift Shop in Seligman, Arizona

Return to the 50’s Gift Shop

Return to the 50’s Gift Shop in Seligman, Arizona is a blast from the past. Shop for fun souvenirs in a vintage service station on Route 66.

Return to the 50’s opened in Seligman, “The Birthplace of Route 66,” in 2007. Housed in the old Olson’s Shell station, the gift shop features Route 66 souvenirs, collectibles, and memorabilia inside a vintage service station and garage. It’s one of the many unique businesses in town.

Stop for some shopping and to sit down in the shade of the fuel pump canopy in picnic tables outside.

Route 66 Road Relics in Seligman, Arizona

Route 66 Road Relics

Route 66 Road Relics stands out with a bright turquoise exterior, junkyard car park extruding from the walls, and Marilyn Monroe mural. The Route 66 souvenir shop sells antiques, souvenirs, gifts, pre-packaged foods, and drinks.

Seligman Grocery Mural in Seligman, Arizona Route 66 Roadside Attraction

Seligman Grocery Mural

The Seligman Grocery Mural can be found on the side of a local small grocery shop and features a bright green background with postcard-style lettering that spells out the town’s name. Inside each letter is a classic scene from the classic road. Some of the sites captured in the mural include a Texaco sign, a desert road (complete with a weary skull), a train, Wigwam Motel, cars modeled after those in the movie Cars, and a Route 66 shield.

In front of the mural is a beat up old red car that transforms the mural into a 3D roadside attraction.

Where to Eat in Seligman, Arizona

Cheeseburger with cheese and fries at Delgadillo’s Snow Cap in Seligman, Arizona Route 66 Restaurant

Delgadillo’s Snow Cap

Where on Route 66 can you get a cheeseburger with cheese, some “dead chicken,” and a mustard surprise, all served with a smile (or, at least a potato smile)? You can get all that and more at Delgadillo’s Snow Cap in Seligman, Arizona, a Route 66 institution that has been slinging burgers, milkshakes, and a unique sense of humor since 1953.

Roadkill Cafe

Roadkill Cafe’s famous slogan, “you kill it, we grill it” came from a time when you could bring your own meats to the restaurant and they would cook it for you. While you can no longer bring your own meat to the Roadkill Cafe in Seligman, they do have an good selection of of fare, with menu options like “No Luck Buck,” “Fender Tenders,” “Hit in a Ditch,” and “The Chicken That Almost Crossed the Road,” you’ll certainly find something to crave. While there is no actual road kill on that menu, the decor features a mix of taxidermied animals as dinner companions.

Route 66 RoadRunner in Seligman, Arizona Route 66 Cafe and Restaurant

Route 66 RoadRunner Cafe

Housed in the renovated 1936 Olsen’s Chevrolet dealership and garage building, Route 66 RoadRunner is a cafe and gift shop. The cafe’s menu features a variety of items for breakfast, lunch, or an early dinner including hamburgers, Nathan’s hot dogs, paninis, wraps, sandwiches, pizzas, and salads. For those in a hurry they also offer a selection of prepackaged grab and go food and coffee drinks.

Westside Lilo’s Cafe

Westside Lilo’s Cafe offers delicious home-cooked meals and unique souvenirs on Historic Route 66 in Seligman. The restaurant’s specialties include great burgers, authentic German bratwurst, wiener schnitzel, giant cinnamon rolls, and their famous carrot cake!

Where to Stay in Seligman, Arizona

When it comes to accommodation, Seligman offers a range of hotels and motels that not only provide a comfortable stay but also immerse you in the town’s retro charm. From classic roadside motels to themed establishments that pay homage to Route 66’s glory days, these Arizona Route 66 motels and hotels are an integral part of the experience of reliving the iconic highway’s history.

Want more Seligman Route 66 hotels? Explore more here and peruse reviews.

The Postcard Motel

The Postcard Motel is a retro motel located in the heart of Seligman. The property offers pet-friendly rooms, contactless check-in, free Wifi, and parking.

The Aztec Motel

The Aztec Motel & Creative Space is a retro motel that has been renovated for the modern traveler. Housed in a space that was originally built as a guest house in 1915, the motel offers a take away breakfast, in-room coffee, and WiFi! It’s a great choice for road tripping families and groups!

Historic Route 66 Motel

Historic Route 66 Motel has a prime location to everything to see in Seligman. It offers Route 66-themed decor, air-conditioned accommodations, and flat-screen TVs with satellite channels.

Deluxe Inn Motel

Deluxe Inn Motel offers free wifi, flat screen TVs, air conditioning, a 24 hour front desk, baggage storage, and barbecue facilities.

Supai Motel

Supai Motel offers value, comfort and convenience in a quaint setting with an array of amenities. The motel offers free wifi, flat screen TVs, air conditioning, free parking, and a free breakfast.

Stagecoach 66 Motel

The largest motel in Seligman, Stagecoach 66 Motel features themed rooms (look for the Marilyn Monroe room), a bar, and an on-site pizza restaurant.

Route 66 Canyon Lodge

A family-friendly hotel in Seligman, Arizona, Route 66 Canyon Lodge features theme rooms centered around Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Route 66, Motorcycles, and more.

How to Get to Seligman, Arizona

Seligman, Arizona is a charming town on the heart of Route 66. If you’re traveling east from Kingman you can take Route 66 itself the whole way there. Traveling west from Williams you can hop on I-40 and then hop off when Route 66 is accessible again.

For those making detours from other popular cities, Seligman is a 170-mile drive (around 2 hours, 45 minutes) from Phoenix via I-17 N, AZ-69 N, and I-40 W. It’s also 150 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada (about 2 hours, 50 minutes) via US-93 S and I-40 E.

If you’re flying into one of those cities be sure to rent a car at the airport!

Where to Park in Seligman, Arizona

Parking in Seligman, Arizona is easy! There is free street parking around town and some restaurants and motels have their own lots. Find a parking spot and walk around, most everything is close by.

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