Seligman to Kingman on Historic Route 66 (Arizona Itinerary)

Seligman and Kingman, Arizona are two of the best-loved towns on Route 66. Both have rich histories tied to The Mother Road and both embrace their location on it. You should definitely plan to include both towns on your road trip itinerary, especially since it is so easy to drive from Seligman to Kingman on Historic Route 66.

Arizona boasts having the longest continuous stretch of uninterrupted Route 66 road, with 158 miles stretching from just outside Ash Fork in the east to the Colorado River in the west. About 87 of those miles stretch between Seligman and Kingman. Both are worth visiting and the drive between them is full of fun as well. Read on to find out what see on historic Route 66 from Seligman to Kingman.

What is the distance from Seligman to Kingman on Route 66?

Kingman is around 87.3 miles from Seligman, Arizona. You can put away your GPS for this ride as you can drive the entire distance via old Route 66. The journey should take about an hour and a half (1 hour, 27 minutes according to Google maps). But, depending on how many stops you plan to make along the way, you’ll want to build some extra time into your itinerary.

To shave about 20 minutes off your travel time between Seligman AZ to Kingman AZ, you can take I-40W. But the journey on Route 66 is well worth the extra time!

Route 66 Seligman to Kingman Itinerary

Things to Do in Seligman, Arizona - Seligman Grocery Mural in Seligman, Arizona Route 66 Roadside Attraction

Seligman, Arizona

Our Seligman to Kingman Route 66 journey begins in Seligman, Arizona.

Known as the “Birthplace of Historic Route 66,” Seligman holds a special place in the heart of Route 66 enthusiasts and history buffs alike. As you wander through the town’s streets today, you’ll encounter relics of Route 66’s golden age. Classic diners and drive-ins serve up mouthwatering comfort food, neon-lit signs beckon travelers to pull over, and vintage cars are proudly parked out front—all contributing to the town’s timeless allure.

Grand Canyon Caverns

Historic Route 66, Mile Marker 115, Peach Springs, AZ 86434

Drive about 25 miles from Seligman on Route 66 to find the Grand Canyon Caverns.

Located 21 stories underground, the Grand Canyon Caverns are the largest dry caverns in the United States. They were formed over 65 million years ago in the limestone that was once the bottom of an ancient inland sea that divided North America.

Take a guided tour, explorer tour, or ghost tour of these famed caverns. For those wanting more adventure, book a night in the Cavern Suite, located 200-feet below ground. Or make a reservation for a meal deep in the caverns at the The Cavern Grotto.

The not-so-adventurous can also find a variety of other lodging options and The Caverns Grill Restaurant.

Hualapai Lodge

900 AZ-66, Peach Springs, AZ 86434

37 miles from Seligman, Peach Springs is the capital of the Hualapai nation, an American Indian tribe whose name means “People of the Tall Pines.” For travelers taking a Route 66 detour to Grand Canyon West, Hualapai Ranch can make a fantastic home base. On site you’ll also find a restaurant (Diamond Creek Restaurant) and gift and snack shop (Walapai Trading Post).

Historic Peach Springs Trading Post

863 AZ-66, Peach Springs, AZ 86434

Find the Historic Peach Springs Trading Post about 37 miles from Seligman. Built in 1928, this building was once an important commercial enterprise for Peach Springs . It served as a trading goods store and was one of the Hualapai Tribe’s first economic ventures in the 1950s. The property was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on November 21, 2003.

John Osterman Shell Station

Peach Springs, AZ 86434

37 miles from Seligman you’ll find The John Osterman Gas Station. This historic gas station was built sometime between 1927 and 1932 by John Osterman. The former service station was built in the vernacular design, with poured concrete blocks, and resembles a small hour with bays. The property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on March 15, 2012.

Keepers of the Wild Nature Park

13441 AZ-66, Valentine, AZ 86437

53 miles from Seligman is Keepers of the Wild, an accredited non-profit sanctuary that is home to over 140 exotic and wild animals that were rescued from lives of neglect or abuse. Animal residents include bears, tigers, lions, leopards, birds, primates, reptiles, and a variety of indigenous wildlife.

Visitors can observe these wild animals on a self-guided walking tour or guided safari tour to get an up-close view of their natural habitats.

Hackberry General Store in Kingman, Arizona Route 66 Roadside Attraction

Hackberry General Store

11255 AZ-66, Kingman, AZ 86411

Hackberry General Store in Kingman, Arizona opened in 1934, serving as a service and gas station and general store for locals and Route 66 travelers. Today this roadside attraction serves as a fun photo op and souvenir shop.

Outside there’s a collection of vintage cars from the 1940s and 60s, a Mobil gas Pegasus on the roof, and plenty more relics and memorabilia around. Inside the general store carries all the souvenirs you’d expect, and many you wouldn’t expect! Among the snacks, postcards, magnets, and mugs you can purchase inside is a treasure trove of treasures serving as a museum of Route 66 and the visitors who like to leave their mark.

Antares Point Visitor Center and Gift Shop in Kingman, Arizona Route 66 Attraction

Antares Point Visitor Center and Gift Shop

9855 AZ-66, Kingman, AZ 86401

Antares Point Visitor Center and Gift Shop is located about 20 miles from the heart of Kingman, Arizona. Although the business is new (compared to Route 66), the original A-frame structure it is housed in has stood for nearly 60 years.

Antares Point Visitor Center and Gift Shop is probably best known for its giant green roadside attraction, Giganticus Headicus, a 14 foot tall head that is part Tiki, part Easter Island Moai, and all kitsch.

Yellow Route 66 Mural in Kingman, Arizona

Kingman, Arizona

Our journey ends in Kingman, Arizona.

Kingman’s role as a vibrant stop along the Mother Road earned it the nickname “Heart of Route 66.” The town’s history is interwoven with the highway’s golden era, and its preserved historic district is a testament to the cultural significance of Route 66. While in town, marvel at the vintage (and the new) neon signs, classic diners, and charming storefronts. Be sure to drive your car through the drive-through shield sign, check out the Powerhouse Visitor Center, have dinner at Mr D’z Route 66 Diner, and book a stay at El Trovatore Motel!

Seligman to Kingman Route 66 Map

This full Arizona Route 66 Map will help guide you from Seligman to Kingman via Route 66 along with the rest of your journey.

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