Route 66 Road Trip 1 Week Itinerary (East to West)

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Route 66 is a classic American road trip that draws visitors from all over the globe to take a drive and experience Americana at its finest. Everyone who drives Route 66 has their own itinerary, their own timeline, and their own ideas about what they want to do and see. You can take as long as you want to traverse The Mother Road, but at the very minimum, you’ll need seven days. And if you only have seven days, you’ll need to have a solid plan in place before hitting the road. So we’ve put together a Route 66 road trip 1 week itinerary to help make the most of your time on The Mother Road.

Can you drive Route 66 in a week?

Can you drive route 66 in a week? Yes.

Should you drive route 66 in a week? Well, it depends.

I’m not going to say that you can’t or shouldn’t make the drive in seven days. But I will say you will enjoy the journey a whole lot more with extra time.

On a one week Route 66 road trip you’ll be spending a lot of time driving, and won’t have as much time to make stops. From the Route 66 Begin Sign to the Santa Monica Pier, the whole drive is about 2,050 miles and will take around 30 hours: that’s more than one full day of the seven that you’ll be in the car. And that is with sticking to the highway over the byway. You’ll need to drive around 4 to 6 hours worth of distance each day to finish the journey in time.

That might not sound like a lot, but you also need to account for the time to take bathroom breaks, gas up your car, get meals, and get to your nightly accommodation. It adds up and leaves little time to explore.

Still, sometimes a week is all the vacation time you have to enjoy this bucket-list experience. Or you’re moving halfway across the country and don’t need or expect the full experience. Or you just like to drive.

You can absolutely drive all of Route 66 in seven days. Whether you’re short on time or just want to tick something off of your bucket list, seven days is just enough time to drive all of Route 66.

But, if you’re someone who really wants to make a lot of stops, drive closer to the original path, and really experience the essence of The Mother Road, consider breaking the road trip up into smaller chunks. Drive through Illinois and Missouri for a week this June and Oklahoma and Texas for a week next summer. Drive to the midpoint and back in a 9-day, double weekend adventure. Drive through Arizona and spend a few days relaxing in Santa Fe. You don’t have to drive the route all at once.

How to maximize your time and enjoyment

If you’re taking just a one-week road trip of Route 66, you probably won’t see much of Route 66. In order to maximize your time you’ll have to spend most of the time on the highway, make shorter stops, avoid time-consuming detours, and take your lunch to go. But if a week is all you have, here are some ways to maximize your road trip time and enjoyment.

Book Your Accommodation Ahead

Even if you normally fly by the seat of your pants, booking your nightly hotels and motels ahead of time will guarantee you’ll have a place to rest your head each night. With more limited time you won’t have to waste time looking for a place to sleep on the fly or filling out your information when you find a place. You’ll also be arriving at your destination later in the day so there will be a larger chance that that no vacancy sign will be lit up before you get there.

Rent a One-Way Car

If your entire trip is seven days, you won’t have time to make a full round trip. So consider renting a car in Chicago, dropping it off in Los Angeles, and flying home.

Stop at Double-Duty Attractions

Whenever possible, combine stops or find stops that can fulfill multiple needs at once. Stay at a hotel that has an on-site restaurant. Stop at a restaurant that doubles as a roadside attraction. Fill up a the gas station next to the landmark. And use the bathroom at a museum to avoid having to pull over at yet another rest stop.

Choose Between Quality and Quantity

Would you rather see as many sites as possible or only the best of the best sites? There is no right or wrong answer to that. The only thing that matters is that you design your one-week Route 66 itinerary around the things you most want to see. Just keep in mind that some stops take longer than others. If you’re a history buff that loves museums, you might be spending an hour or more at each. If you’re a foodie who prefers diners to drive-throughs, that takes more time. If you just have to take a hike through a national monument, that’s your entire afternoon activity. Prioritize what you most want to see and do while keeping in mind that longer stops mean fewer stops.

Be Flexible

When traveling Route 66 in seven days, you’re going to have to be a little flexible with your itinerary. You might have to bypass that roadside gift shop because it doesn’t open for another hour. Or choose a different place for lunch because you’re starving and won’t get to the place you wanted to eat at until 3pm. Or decide on the fly whether you have time to detour to a big blue whale or if you need to keep driving to stay on track.

Plan Your 1 Week Route 66 Road Trip

Ready to book your road trip? Use these quick links to find hotels, transportation, and activities along your Route 66 route!

Book Hotels: Chicago Hotels | St. Louis Hotels | Joplin Hotels | Oklahoma City Hotels | Tucumcari Hotels | Gallup Hotels | Kingman Hotels | Santa Monica Hotels

Book Transportation: Rental Cars | Flights

Book Tours & Activities: Chicago Architectural Cruise | Art Institute of Chicago | Willis Tower Skydeck | Chicago Activitie | St. Louis Activities | Tulsa Activities | Oklahoma City Activities | Albuquerque Activities | Flagstaff Activities | Santa Monica Activities

Route 66 Road Trip 1 Week at a Glance

There are infinite ways to split up a Route 66 road trip into seven days. This is our recommended breakdown. Below we will expand this Route 66 road trip 1 week itinerary to show all the highlights you’ll see along the way!

DayStarting PointDestinationMilesDriving Time
OneChicago, IllinoisSt. Louis, Missouri297 Miles4 hours, 45 minutes
TwoSt. Louis, MissouriJoplin, Missouri288 Miles4 hours, 25 minutes
ThreeJoplin, MissouriOklahoma City, Oklahoma218 Miles3 hours, 15 minutes
FourOklahoma City, OklahomaTucumcari, New Mexico369 Miles5 hours, 30 minutes
FiveTucumcari, New MexicoGallup, New Mexico311 Miles4 hours, 30 minutes
SixGallup, New MexicoKingman, Arizona332 Miles4 hours, 45 minutes
SevenKingman, ArizonaSanta Monica, California335 Miles5 hours

Route 66 Road Trip 1 Week Itinerary

Ready to hit the road? Here’s our Route 66 road trip 1 week itinerary. For each section we’ve included starting and ending points, distance traveled, an approximate driving time (this is only time driving, not including stops and detours), and a list of ideas for where to stop, stay, and eat.

With only seven days to travel between Chicago and Los Angeles, we’ve kept each day to around 300 miles and 4-5 hours of driving, with one day a bit less and another a bit more. Please note that you will NOT be able to visit every attraction we’ve recommended in this timeline. And there are plenty of other attractions that have been left out. But we wanted to be sure to give you all the best highlights you’ll pass so you can decide for yourself which ones you want to see and which you’re OK leaving for the next time you drive Route 66.

Consider this a “best of” type of trip. With only one week to make the entire journey you won’t be staying faithful to the original roads (driving times are based on the fastest route between cities) but instead capture the spirit of the road, focusing on stopping at all the best attractions, places to eat, and hotels and motels to stay at along the way.

Ready to hit the road? Explore this Route 66 road trip 1 week itinerary and get ready to spend the best week ever on The Mother Road!

Starting Point

Chicago, Illinois


0 Miles


24 Hours

Ending Point

Chicago, Illinois

With this seven-day Route 66 road trip itinerary, we’re assuming you’ve already arrived in Chicago and are ready to hit the road first thing on day one. That might mean that you live in the city or a nearby suburb or that you flew or drove in the night before. If you’re coming from out of town and spending the first day and/or night in Chicago, you’ll have some options on what to do.

First things first, you’ll need to get settled. If you’re renting a car be sure to pick up your rental when you arrive at the airport or from one of the many pick up locations around the city. If you’re staying in the city, don’t forget to leave room in your budget for parking at your downtown Chicago hotel, it can be pretty pricey!

You’ll also need to check into your hotel. There are plenty of places to stay in Chicago, check out our list of the best Route 66 motels in Illinois for recommendations! You’ll probably want to get a good night’s sleep because you have a lot of driving coming up! But if you have time, here are some ideas for what to do in Chicago on day zero:

Starting Point

Chicago, Illinois


297 Miles


4 hours, 45 minutes

Ending Point

St. Louis, Missouri

Your first day on Route 66 is a long one, taking you across the entire stretch of Illinois, from Chicago to St. Louis. The drive is about 300 miles and should take you around 4 hours, 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

Start your morning with a quick selfie at the Historic Route 66 Begin Sign and then grab a delicious diner breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant down the road. On the days they are open (Wednesday-Sunday) they start serving breakfast at 6am or 7am, get there early to avoid a crowd and to get a head start on your drive!

From here you have a lot of ground to cover. Here are some potential highlights to add to your day one itinerary:

Cozy Dog Drive In in Springfield, Illinois Route 66 Restaurant

Cozy Dog Drive In

Hungry? Stop for lunch at Cozy Dog Drive In in Springfield, Illinois. Their signature item is a battered and fried hot dog on a stick, but they make it clear that Cozy Dogs preceded the modern corn dog and are superior in quality and taste to your normal cornmeal dipped fair dog.

Even if you’re mostly sticking to the highway, be sure to pull off in Auburn to drive on the Original Route 66 Brick Road (also known as Brick 66), 1.4 miles of hand-laid brick road from 1931. Enjoy the drive then find some more attractions in the afternoon.

You’ve made it to St. Louis! If you’re looking for dinner considering ordering a local St. Louis–style pizza! The unique pie has a thin, cracker like crust and is topped with Provel cheese! You can find it at several local establishments, including a favorite chain, Imo’s Pizza.

Don’t forget dessert! Stop at Ted Drewes for their famous frozen custard!

Where to Stay in St. Louis, Missouri

While there aren’t any specific Route 66 hotels in St. Louis, there are a lot of hotels with a history as long as the road. For a special stay, book a room at a historic downtown hotel with a past, like the St. Louis Union Station Hotel, Drury Plaza Hotel St. Louis at The Arch, or Magnolia Hotel St. Louis.

St. Louis Arch - Photo by Tiffany Cade on Unsplash
Starting Point

St. Louis, Missouri


288 Miles


4 hours, 25 minutes

Ending Point

Joplin, Missouri

Your second day on Route 66 takes you across just about the entire stretch of Missouri, from St. Louis to Joplin. The drive is just under 300 miles and should take you around 4 hours, 25 minutes, depending on traffic.

Start your morning in St. Louis by grabbing breakfast to go at Donut Drive-In, an unpretentious bakeshop that has been serving classic doughnuts since 1953. With a belly full of coffee and pastries, it’s time to continue heading west. Here are some Route 66 highlights to add to your one-week itinerary as you travel across Missouri:

Burger and Fries at Red’s Giant Hamburg in Springfield, Missouri Route 66 Drive In Restaurant

Where to Eat Lunch on Missouri Route 66

Depending when you want to pull over for lunch, there are plenty of Missouri restaurants to choose from! Some favorites include: Black Sheep Burgers & Shakes, Dowd’s Catfish and BBQ, Hangar Kafe, Missouri Hick Barbeque, Red’s Giant Hamburg, Route 66 Steak ‘n Shake, Sweetwater Bar-B-Que, Tater Patch, Weir on 66, or Wrinks Market.

After a long day of exploring, you’ve made it to Joplin. Settle into your hotel for the night and get dinner at one of these local restaurants: Red Onion Café, Undercliff Grill & Bar, or Wilder’s Steakhouse. Plan to get another good night’s sleep: you have another long day ahead!

Where to Stay in Joplin, Missouri

Joplin isn’t home to any famous Route 66 motels, but you can find plenty of chains to choose from. Or consider driving a little less or a little more today to stay at the Boots Court Motel in Carthage or one of the unique accommodations in Kansas.

Route 66 Mural Park in Joplin, Missouri Route 66 Roadside Attraction
Starting Point

Joplin, Missouri


218 Miles


3 hours, 15 minutes

Ending Point

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Day three is one of the shorter driving days on this one-week Route 66 road trip itinerary. But there’s a lot to see and do on this stretch! Plus you’ll be driving in three states, even if two of them are brief. Day three starts in Missouri, takes you through the entire 13-miles of Kansas, and then well into Oklahoma.

Start the day by driving the last couple of miles through Missouri and heading into Kansas. Kansas is the shortest state on Route 66, and there isn’t a huge amount to see. But you should still plan time on your Day Three itinerary to stop at at least a few places in Kansas. Here are some highlights:

After cruising through Kansas, it’s time to spend the rest of the day in Oklahoma. Here are some some of the best places to stop at:

Chicken fried steak at Tally's Good Food Café in Tulsa, Oklahoma Route 66 Restaurant

Where to Eat Lunch in Tulsa

If you’re hungry in Tulsa, there are plenty of places to choose from. Two favorites are the classic diner, Tally’s Good Food Café or the Mother Road Market, a modern food court that has something for everyone!

In the afternoon you’ll roll through Tulsa, Oklahoma. While you probably won’t have time to thoroughly explore the city, make sure you save room in your road trip itinerary to stop at some of the best Tulsa Route 66 attractions:

After exploring Tulsa, it’s time to start heading towards Oklahoma City, but not without stopping at a few more highlights along the way:

After a long day of exploring Route 66 in Kansas and Oklahoma, you’ve made it to Oklahoma City! But the fun doesn’t stop there! Here are some of the best things to see in Oklahoma City.

  • Find the Milk Bottle Grocery.
  • Admire the Gold Dome Building.
  • Take in a show at the Tower Theatre (or just check out the vintage sign).
  • Take a spin on the Wheeler Ferris Wheel and OKC Sign.

Phew! It’s been a LONG day! Settle into your hotel and grab dinner at one of these Oklahoma restaurants: Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, Cheever’s Cafe, or Leo’s BBQ.

Where to Stay in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City has a whole array of accommodation options to choose from. If you’re looking for a unique hotel in Oklahoma City that combines vintage charge, modern amenities, and plenty of Instagram-worthy moments, you’ve got to spend the night at The Classen Inn. The renovated 1963 motel compliments its original Googie architecture and neon sign with modern amenities and hip artwork and murals.

Classen Inn Motel in Oklahoma City Route 66 Motel
Starting Point

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


369 Miles


5 hours, 30 minutes

Ending Point

Tucumcari, New Mexico

Start Day Four with a good (and early) breakfast at HunnyBunny Biscuit Co or Sunnyside Diner. You’ll need the fuel because this is a long day of driving! On day four you will drive through three states, finishing off Oklahoma, driving all through Texas, and finishing off in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

After filling up on a good breakfast, hop in your car and get ready to explore the rest of Oklahoma! Here’s what you’ll pass on this next leg of your journey:

And now it’s time to drive the fifth state of the journey: Texas. From fun museums to fun roadside attractions to fun relics from the past, there are many things to see in Texas, including these highlights:

Steak dinner at The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas Route 66 Restaurant

The Big Texan Steak Ranch

If you worked up a big appetite from a big day of driving on Route 66, there’s only one meal for you: the 72-ounce steak challenge at The Big Texan Steak Ranch. Not quite that hungry? Don’t worry, they have more modest size portions too. If you’re driving through Amarillo around lunch time, they even have lunch specials!

From here it is straight on to Tucumcari, New Mexico where you’ll explore the town, find a hotel, grab some dinner, and get a good night’s sleep under the glow of some impressive neon signs. Here are some Tucumcari to-dos to add to your Route 66 road trip 1 week itinerary:

When it’s time for dinner, there are several Tucumcari restaurants to choose from, but two of our favorites are Del’s Restaurant (with the big cow on its sign) or La Cita Restaurant (with the giant sombrero entrance). You can’t go wrong with either!

Be sure to check out all the restaurants, shops, and motels at night, when all the iconic neon is lit up!

Where to Stay in Tucumcari, New Mexico

Tucumcari, New Mexico is home to some of the most famous motels on Route 66. In fact, billboards once lined the roads leading into town with advertisements promoting the 2,000 motel rooms available in the area, earning its popular slogan, “Tucumcari Tonite!”

Two of our top picks for where to stay in Tucumcari, and, really, all of New Mexico, are the Blue Swallow Motel and Motel Safari. They both offer everything you could want in a modern motel while maintaining the vintage charm of Route 66’s heyday.

Neon sign at Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico Route 66 Motel
Starting Point

Tucumcari, New Mexico


311 Miles


4 hours, 30 minutes

Ending Point

Gallup, New Mexico

On day five we’re driving the length of Route 66 in New Mexico. New Mexico actually has two diverging alignments with one taking a detour to Santa Fe. In the interest of making the most of our time on the road, we are skipping that Santa Fe alignment in favor of the more direct route, driving straight from Tucumcari to Albuquerque. We’ll save Santa Fe for our next road trip.

Skipping Santa Fe does not mean skipping a good time. Here are just some of the things to do in New Mexico, between Tucumcari and Albuquerque:

  • Explore the Route 66 Auto Museum.
  • Enjoy nature and diving at the Blue Hole.
  • Stop for souvenirs and a snack at Clines Corners.
  • Make music in your car on the Musical Highway.

Once you reach Albuquerque there is even more to explore. Take as much or as little time as you want in the city. Here are some highlights:

Chile Relleno at Loyola's Family Restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico Route 66 restaurant and Breaking Bad filming location

Hungry in Albuquerque?

Be sure to stop for lunch while visiting Albuquerque. There are plenty of Route 66 establishments to choose from, whether you’re hungry for classic diner fare, New Mexican favorites, and a fast food specialty. Here are our favorite recommendations:

After Albuquerque, it’s straight on to Gallup. There aren’t too many sites worth pulling over for in between, so enjoy the gorgeous vistas in front of you as you drive. Do be sure to pull over in Grants to drive through the Route 66 Neon Drive-Thru Sign and, if you want to see where water flows both ways, you can find the Continental Divide marker.

Once you reach Gallup there’s even more to explore. Park your car in one of the Main Street lots and see what Gallup Route 66 has to offer:

Settle in for the night at one of the best motels on Route 66: the Historic El Rancho Hotel. For dinner try Jerry’s Cafe for excellent New Mexican food or take it easy and head down to the motel’s lobby to eat at The Silver Screen.

Where to Stay in Gallup, New Mexico

Sleep where the stars have at the Historic El Rancho Hotel, which has hosted some of Hollywood’s biggest movie movie stars and makers, including Robert Mitchum, Elia Kazan, Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, William Holden, Billy Wilder, Kirk Douglas, Gregory Peck, Troy Donahue, and more. Photos of the stars are peppered throughout the intricately designed property and each room is themed with a star’s photo and information.

Historic El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, New Mexico Route 66 Motel
Starting Point

Gallup, New Mexico


332 Miles


4 hours, 45 minutes

Ending Point

Kingman, Arizona

On Day six of your Route 66 road trip you’ll leave Gallup and drive right into Arizona. As you enter the state you’ll enter the land of petrified wood and the Petrified Forest National Park.

The National Park takes around 45 minutes to an hour to drive the 28-miles through the park, but, if you want to get out of your car to enjoy the views and many of the things to see in Petrified Forest National Park, plan to spend at least a few hours here. Whether you stop here or not really is up to you and your road trip priorities. If you love nature and the great outdoors and don’t mind driving straight past some of the quirky roadside attractions and museums, prioritize this park in your itinerary. If you would rather see all the oversized dinosaurs at the surrounding rock shops than the rocks, maybe plan to just do the quick drive through or save this for your next Route 66 road trip itinerary.

Whether you visit Petrified Forest National Park or not, there is no shortage of additional road trip stops to see on Arizona Route, here are some highlights:

Once you’ve driven through the Petrified Forest National Park, Holbrook, Winslow, Flagstaff, and Williams, you’ll come to one of the most famous places on Route 66: Seligman, Arizona. Once a bustling pit stop along the historic Route 66, Seligman, Arizona retains its nostalgic charm with pride. Known as the “Birthplace of Historic Route 66,” this town holds a special place in the heart of Route 66 enthusiasts and history buffs alike. There are many things to do in Seligman, Arizona so park your car and wander through the town’s shops and businesses. Here are some highlights:

Cheeseburger with cheese and fries at Delgadillo’s Snow Cap in Seligman, Arizona Route 66 Restaurant

Delgadillo’s Snow Cap

Where on Route 66 can you get a cheeseburger with cheese, some “dead chicken,” and a mustard surprise, all served with a smile (or, at least a potato smile)? You can get all that and more at Delgadillo’s Snow Cap in Seligman, Arizona, a Route 66 institution that has been slinging burgers, milkshakes, and a unique sense of humor since 1953. If you need to stop for lunch on your Arizona stretch of this Route 66 road trip 1 week itinerary, this is the place to go.

After Seligman, keep driving Route 66 towards Kingman, passing even more fun roadside attractions like Grand Canyon Caverns, Hackberry General Store, and Giganticus Headicus.

Once in Kingman, check into your hotel, and keep exploring! Depending on when you arrive it might be a little too late for museums, but there’s still plenty of other attractions to see! Get dinner at Mr D’z Route 66 Diner, a classic Route 66 diner with a menu to match! Here are some other fun attractions in Kingman:

Where to Stay in Kingman, Arizona

Kingman offers an array of hotels that not only promise a comfortable stay but also transport you back in time to the heyday of Route 66. Whether you prefer a cozy motel with a touch of nostalgia or a modern hotel with a retro twist, Kingman’s hotels are an integral part of your journey through this historic highway.

El Trovatore Motel is located in downtown Kingman and offers themed rooms dedicated to Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, John Wayne, and more. Look for the famous neon sign!

El Trovatore Motel in Kingman, Arizona Route 66 Motel with Theme Rooms
Starting Point

Kingman, Arizona


335 Miles


5 hours

Ending Point

Santa Monica, California

It’s our last day on the road! And today we are driving all the way across California!

Arizona boasts the longest continuous stretch of original Route 66, which runs from Ash Fork through Oatman, Arizona. If you want to make the best time to Santa Monica, you’ll have to skip the long drive on Route 66 and bypass Oatman in favor of taking the highway around it. Route 66 itself is much slower here and the many mountainous turns ahead on the infamous Arizona Sidewinder would add a lot of time to your itinerary. The five hours of driving time on this last day of your Route 66 road trip 1 week itinerary are based on hopping on I-40 and b-lining straight to California.

As you travel through California on day seven of your road trip, there are several highlights worth pulling over for, including:

  • Step into history at El Garces Hotel and Train Station.
  • Find a ghost town at Roy’s Motel & Cafe.
  • Explore the Barstow Station.
  • Learn something new at the Route 66 “Mother Road” Museum or the California Route 66 Museum.

Where to Eat Lunch on California Route 66

If you’re looking for a classic diner experience when traveling on Route 66, consider a stop at Ludlow Cafe. Enjoy classic diner fare in a friendly travelers atmosphere.

  • Have fun at the Original McDonald’s Museum.
  • Check out the California Wigwam Motel.
  • Pull over at the Cucamonga Service Station.
  • Say hello to the Chicken Boy Statue.

You’ve made it! After seven days of driving, you’ve made it to the end of Route 66! Celebrate with a trip to the Santa Monica Pier, take a photo with the End of Trail Sign, and stop by 66-to-Cali for a commemorative souvenir or certificate of completion!

Check into your hotel for your last night on the road and have a celebratory dinner at Chez Jay, Connie and Ted’s, Dan Tana’s, or The Albright!

The next day be sure to return your rental car and catch your flight home. Or, turn around and start driving back from West to East! I hope you had fun on your one-week Route 66 road trip! Next time, plan a two-week itinerary or even for a month!

Where to Stay in Santa Monica, California

Los Angeles, California is the western terminus of this iconic highway, plan to spend your last night on the road in a Santa Monica hotel near the end point. Some of the best Santa Monica hotels include The Georgian, Sonder The Beacon, and Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows.

Book Your 1 Week Route 66 Road Trip

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Book Hotels: Chicago Hotels | St. Louis Hotels | Joplin Hotels | Oklahoma City Hotels | Tucumcari Hotels | Gallup Hotels | Kingman Hotels | Santa Monica Hotels

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