Route 66 Muffler Man Roadside Attractions

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If you’re traveling on Route 66 you’ll find roadside attractions of every sort. There are museums, murals, world’s largest things, and historical sites at every turn. But there is one type of roadside attraction that particularly stands out among the rest: the muffler man. Route 66 Muffler Man Roadside Attractions can be found in every state of The Mother Road. So keep your eyes peeled for these gentle giants!

What are Muffler Man Roadside Attractions?

Muffler men roadside attractions are fiberglass giants who stand anywhere from 14 to 25 feet tall. Each has a similar design and was built between 1963 and 1972 by International Fiberglass in Venice, California. With signature stances, these big men stood outside of muffler shops and other businesses to call attention from the road. As advertising icons, these fiberglass giants often held specific props or tools, reflecting the businesses they represented, whether it was a muffler, axe, hot dog, or other specialty item.

Muffler Men Along Route 66

As Route 66 gained popularity as a travel route, several Muffler Man statues popped up along its path. These roadside giants became iconic landmarks, capturing the attention of passersby and adding to the allure of the Mother Road.

Though many of these Muffler Man statues were originally designed as advertising gimmicks, they have transcended their commercial roots to become beloved roadside attractions. Their presence along Route 66 adds to the nostalgic and whimsical ambiance of the historic highway, inviting travelers to stop, snap photos, and indulge in the kitschy charm of these larger-than-life figures.

Even today, the allure of the muffler man is like no other. When new businesses on The Mother Road want to attract customers, they turn to the muffler man. While many of the Route 66 muffler men are original International Fiberglass creations as old as the road itself, many of the new ones are created by Virginia artist Mark Cline of Enchanted Castle Studios. Cline uses molds of original muffler men to create new custom creations that reflect the modern businesses’ vintage charms.

Muffler Man Roadside Attractions on Route 66

If you’re looking to find Muffler Man Roadside Attractions on Route 66, you don’t have to drive far. Here are all the muffler men you’ll see on your road trip on the Mother Road. Search for all the best muffler men and add them to your road trip itinerary!

Muffler Man at Cigars & Stripes BBQ Lounge

Berwyn, Illinois

This new muffler man was made by Mark Cline in 2022 from a mold made from a 1960s Muffler Man. The giant is found smoking a cigar and holding a fried chicken wing and a bottle of hot sauce on the roof of a local restaurant and bar.

Gemini Giant Muffler Man in Wilmington, Illinois Route 66 Roadside Attraction

Gemini Giant

Wilmington, Illinois

The Gemini Giant in Wilmington, Illinois is a 28-foot tall muffler man who once stood on Route 66 outside the Launching Pad restaurant. The Route 66 roadside attraction weighs 438 pounds: not counting his base and the giant 8-foot rocket he holds in his hands! This muffler man has stood over Route 66 since the 1960s!

Currently in transition.

Paul Bunyon Hot Dog Muffler Man in Atlanta, Illinois Route 66 Roadside Attraction

Paul Bunyon Hot Dog Muffler Man

Atlanta, Illinois

In 1966 this muffler man was erected in Cicero, Illinois at a hot dog and burger restaurant named Bunyon’s hot dog stand. Due to his roots this giant hot dog muffler man (a modified Paul Bunyan statue) is known locally as “The Bunyon Giant.” In 2002 the restaurant closed and “Tall Paul” was restored and relocated to Route 66 park in Atlanta, Illinois.

Lauterbach Muffler Man (Lauterbach Giant) in Springfield, Illinois Route 66 Roadside Attraction

Lauterbach Giant

Springfield, Illinois

The American flag waving Lauterbach Muffler Man (also known as the The Lauterbach Tire Muffler Man or the Lauterbach Giant) in Springfield, Illinois has stood in the parking lot outside Lauterbach Tire & Auto Service since 1978. He lost his head in a tornado in 2006 but has since been restored.

Harley Davidson Muffler Man in Livingston, Illinois Route 66 Roadside Attraction

Harley Davidson Muffler Man

Livingston, Illinois

The Harley Davidson Muffler Man can be found at the Pink Elephant Antique Mall in Livingston, Illinois. The Livingston Muffler Man is one of the smaller scale versions of this roadside attraction type at 15-feet tall. The bearded man is currently painted with blue pants and a bright orange shirt that reads “Harley Davidson” across the chest.

Chef Muffler Man in Springfield, Missouri Route 66 Roadside Attraction

Chef Muffler Man

Springfield, Missouri

The Route 66 Food Truck Park opened in Springfield, Missouri in February 2020. The spot featured food trucks with a variety of different cuisines, a full-service bar, and this giant Chef Muffler Man, affectionally named Carl, out front. Unfortunately the park closed in 2022, so you can no longer stop for lunch on Route 66. But you can still swing by to see this roadside attraction.

Mega Mayor Muffler Man in St Roberts, Missouri Route 66 roadside attraction

Mega Mayor Muffler Man

St. Robert, Missouri

What do you do when you already own one of the weirdest stops on Route 66? Add more weird! And what better way to do that than by adding a muffler man roadside attraction. Better yet, a custom made muffler man modeled after yourself. Find the Mega Mayor Muffler Man in St Roberts, Missouri, just outside Putt Pirates Mini Golf at Uranus, Missouri.

Gearhead Curios Texaco Muffler Man

Galena, Kansas

While you won’t see this one just yet, the owner of Gearhead Curios in Galena, Kansas, has commissioned a new 20-foot-tall Muffler Man called “Big A the Texaco Man” from Mark Cline. Hopefully we will see this giant man erected by summer 2024! It will be the first muffler man on Route 66 in Kansas.

Big Bill: Muffler Man With Suitcase

Vinita, Oklahoma

This muffler man was created in 2023 as a promotion for Mobile 1 Oil. Later in 2023 it moved to the Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita. The giant carries a sign that says “Keep Route 66 Kickin’ and stands next to a giant suitcase covered in stickers.

Buck Atom Space Cowboy Muffler Man in Tulsa, Oklahoma Route 66 Roadside Attraction

Buck Atom Space Cowboy Muffler Man

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Buck Atom’s Cosmic Curios on 66 opened on Route 66 in 2018. The quirky souvenir shop is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma in a repurposed classic 1950’s PEMCO gas station. A year after opening the shop’s mascot, a space cowboy named Buck Atom, was brought to life in the most spectacular of ways: with a giant fiberglass Buck Atom Space Cowboy Muffler Man.

Native American Muffler Man

Calumet, Oklahoma

This Native American muffler man in a headdress is found outside of the Indian Trading Post in Calumet.

Muffler Men Cutouts (Giants Display) in Calumet, Oklahoma Route 66 Muffler Man Mural

Muffler Men Cutouts

Calumet, Oklahoma

There are plenty of muffler men on Route 66. But this one comes with a twist. The Muffler Men Cutouts (Giants Display) in Calumet, Oklahoma feature three 18-foot tall giant cutouts that line the side of the road: a traditional Bunyan muffler man holding an ax, modeled after one found in Flagstaff, Arizona; a Uniroyal Gal; and a green-wearing gas station attendant who breaks out of the traditional static pose to dance the twist.

2nd Amendment Cowboy Muffler Man in Amarillo, Texas Roadside Attraction on Route 66

2nd Amendment Cowboy

Amarillo, Texas

The 2nd Amendment Cowboy muffler man is a roadside attraction in Amarillo, Texas. It’s hard to miss this giant man with a controversial message, located just down the road from the famed Cadillac Ranch on Route 66.

Lumberjack Mutant Muffler Man

Albuquerque, New Mexico

This unusually-shaped muffler man lives on top of May Cafe, a Vietnamese restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“Dude Man” Cowboy Muffler man in Gallup, New Mexico Route 66 Roadside Attraction

Dude Man – Cowboy Muffler Man

Gallup, New Mexico

Known as “Dude Man” by locals, the cowboy muffler man in Gallup stands on the roof of John’s Used Cars. The fiberglass giant wears blue pants, a red and white western button up shirt, and a white stetson cowboy hat. Around his waist is a holster packed with a pistol. And, if you look closely, you’ll spot a few bullet holes he’s endured over the years.

NAU Skydome Lumberjack Muffler Man in Flagstaff, Arizona Route 66 Roadside Attraction

Lumberjack Muffler Man #1 in Flagstaff, Arizona

Built in 1962, this muffler man is thought to be the very first of the many muffler men that once graced the roadside of America and Route 66. Produced by Bob Prewitt and Prewitt Fiberglass Animals in 1962, the giant was a fixture at Lumberjack Café (nee Paul Bunyan Café) on Milton Road throughout the 1960s and 70s. The restaurant and roadside attractions were even visible in the 1969 movie Easy Rider.

Lumberjack Muffler Man #2 in Flagstaff, Arizona

There are two muffler men at NAU who were relocated to campus and were found at Lumberjack Stadium until 1979. After that they moved to their current location at J. Lawrence Walkup Skydome. The second muffler man used to be located inside, watching over the court. But is now also outside the stadium.

Chicken Boy Statue

Los Angeles, California

Chicken Boy was originally installed on the roof of L.A.’s Chicken Boy restaurant in 1969. The customized International Fiberglass muffler man was all man below the neck and all chicken from the neck up. When the restaurant closed in the 1980s and the building was set for demolition, artist Amy Inouye, a great admirer of the fiberglass bird boy, rescued it from demise. She kept this iconic California roadside attraction safe in storage until 2007 when she found “The Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles” a new home, on top of a building she owns right on Route 66.

American Giants Museum in Atlanta, Illinois

Muffler men are so popular on Route 66 that they now have their very own museum devoted to them. Visit the American Giants Museum in Atlanta, Illinois to learn more about International Fiberglass, peruse exhibits on muffler man and other fiberglass advertising icons like the Texaco Big Friend, and find a restored Half-Wit muffler man and other heads and body parts.

The museum was created by muffler man enthusiast and historian, Joel Baker and has its official grand opening in 2024.

Route 66 Muffler Man Map

Find all your favorite fiberglass giants with this Route 66 Muffler Man Map.

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