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Route 66 was officially decommissioned in 1985, but that doesn’t stop modern-day road trippers from making the journey today. But, with limited signage and many original paths no longer in existence, finding your way isn’t quite as easy as hopping in your car and heading straight west (or east). If you’re continuing your road trip from Illinois or Kansas (or just exploring the state), you need a Route 66 Missouri Map to help you guide your way.

Our Route 66 Missouri map contains over 140 of the best stops in the state. From St. Louis to Springfield to Joplin you’ll find everything you will want to see, eat, do, and experience on the historic Mother Road.

We’ve mapped out all the biggest and best roadside attractions, landmarks, visitor centers, museums, parks, outdoor activities, tours, excursions, themed gas stations, classic service stations, shops, restaurants, diners, fast food, vintage motels, and other iconic stops on this Missouri map of Route 66.

Each stop on this Missouri Route 66 map is marked with an address (some are approximate), a photo, and a link that you can follow to find more information. Plus, if you have the Google Maps app installed on your mobile phone, the downloadable link will open directly in the app so you can easily see what stop is coming up next and get real time directions to your next stop.

Explore the map below to find inspiration for items to add to your road trip itinerary or load it on your phone to find all the best attractions near you!

Want to plan your own Missouri Route 66 road trip? Browse our directory of Missouri Route 66 attractions.

Route 66 Missouri Map

Explore our map of Route 66 in Missouri below. For easy browsing it is categorized and color-coded by category: roadside attraction, dining, landmark, museum, outdoors, mural/sign, accommodation, shopping, and tour/excursion.

Here It Is! The Route 66 Map Series

Paper Route 66 Maps

On a road trip you never know when you’ll hit a stretch of bad cell reception or deplete your phone’s battery from taking photo after photo. So, when it comes to navigation, it is always good to have a backup.

A must-have purchase for your Route 66 road trip is a set of these Here It Is! Route 66 Map Series paper maps. The packaged set of eight fold-out road maps contains one for every state on The Mother Road and provides an easy to follow route that leads you straight to some of the best points of interest on the way.

All Route 66 Maps

Driving the rest of The Mother Road? Explore these maps for every state on Route 66:

Plan Your Route 66 Road Trip

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