Route 66 in Sapulpa, Oklahoma

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Nestled in the heart of Oklahoma lies a town with a rich history entwined with one of America’s most iconic highways: Route 66. Sapulpa, a small yet vibrant community, boasts a storied past that mirrors the rise and fall of the Mother Road. A stop on Route 66 in Sapulpa, Oklahoma is a stop through time with plenty of attractions that reflect the past, present, and future of the famed road.

In the early 20th century, the United States witnessed an unprecedented surge in automobile culture. With the advent of reliable automobiles and the desire for cross-country travel, the need for interconnected highways became paramount. Thus, Route 66 was born in 1926, linking Chicago to Los Angeles and becoming a lifeline for countless travelers seeking adventure and opportunity.

As Route 66 meandered through the heartland of America, Sapulpa emerged as a vital stop along the way. Situated in Creek County, Oklahoma, Sapulpa became a beacon for weary travelers, offering respite and hospitality amidst the vast expanse of the American Midwest. The town flourished with the influx of tourists, as motels, diners, and gas stations sprung up along the Route, catering to the needs of travelers from all walks of life.

However, the golden age of Route 66 was not to last. With the advent of the interstate highway system in the 1950s, the once-thriving Route fell into decline, bypassed by faster and more efficient roads. Sapulpa, like many other towns along the Route, felt the sting of this decline as businesses shuttered their doors, and the once-bustling thoroughfare grew quiet.

Yet, despite the challenges, Sapulpa refused to let go of its connection to Route 66. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in preserving the heritage of the Mother Road. Efforts to restore and maintain historic landmarks and build brand-new ones have breathed new life into Sapulpa’s Route 66 legacy. Travelers from around the world now flock to the town, eager to experience a taste of Americana and relive the glory days of Route 66.

So, what awaits you in Sapulpa? Read on to find a treasure trove of attractions, eateries, and events on Route 66 in Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Route 66 in Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Route 66 Attractions in Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Sapulpa, Oklahoma isn’t just another stop along the Mother Road – it’s a haven for vintage sights and nostalgic experiences. So get ready to discover the iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and vibrant Route 66 spirit that makes Sapulpa a must-visit for any road trip adventure!

So, what awaits you in Sapulpa? There’s the world’s tallest gas pump, a towering testament to the highway’s heritage. The Tee Pee Drive-In Theater beckons with the magic of open-air movies. And the iconic Rock Creek Bridge No. 18 that faithfully carried Route 66 traffic until a new highway bypassed it in the 1950s.

And don’t miss Historic Downtown Sapulpa, designated on the National Register of Historic Places, which allows you to step back in time and explore vintage Route 66 architecture, quaint shops, and a vibrant atmosphere. Visitors can stroll along the streets lined with charming buildings, explore local boutiques and eateries, and immerse themselves in the town’s small-town charm.

“Guardian of the Plains” Bronze Buffalo

1245 New Sapulpa Rd, Sapulpa, OK 74066

As you drive into Sapulpa, Oklahoma you’ll encounter a giant buffalo. But don’t worry, it’s made of bronze! This giant statue features the state animal of Oklahoma. Pull over to park in the adjoining parking lot and say hello!

Crossroads of America Sign in Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Crossroads Of America Sign

15 N Main St, Sapulpa, OK 74066

Sapulpa, Oklahoma is known as “The Crossroads of America” due to its location on U.S. Highway 66 (once the main east/west highway of the western United States) and U.S. Highway 75. At the intersection of both you’ll find the Crossroads Of America sign.

The neon sign depicts a map of Oklahoma within a map of the United States. The two roads are represented in bright red lines, meeting in Sapulpa marked with a blue star.

Sapulpa Route 66 Mural in Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Sapulpa Route 66 Mural

15 N Main St, Sapulpa, OK 74066

Right behind the Crossroads of America sign find the Sapulpa Route 66 Mural. The piece of art pays homage to the town’s place on Route 66 and at the crossroads of America and depicts many of the significant sites found in this town.

Waite Phillips Filling Station Museum

26 E Lee Ave, Sapulpa, OK 74066

The Waite Phillips Filling Station Museum was built in 1923 and has since been restored by the Sapulpa Historical Society. Admire the building and 1920s automobiles on display inside.

Gasoline Alley Classics, Inc

24 N Main St, Sapulpa, OK 74066

Gasoline Alley Classics is a gift shop housed in a former Model T showroom. Stop inside to shop for souvenirs for your road trip and admire the vintage decor, with road signs, gas pumps, and some old Ford automobiles.

Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum

13 Sahoma Lake Rd, Sapulpa, OK 74066

If you’re wishing you could trade your 2022 Subaru for a 1922 Cadillac, this is the place for you. The Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum is the premiere automobile museum of Oklahoma and features a fun assortment of vintage vehicles on display.

World’s Tallest Gas Pump in Sapulpa, Oklahoma Route 66 Roadside Attraction

World’s Tallest Gas Pump

13 Sahoma Lake Rd, Sapulpa, OK 74066

While visiting the Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum look for the World’s Tallest Gas Pump

The Oklahoma roadside attraction is shaped like a vintage gas pump that would have been found at service stations across Route 66 in its heyday. At the top is an illuminated 14-foot globe that advertises the museum.

Rock Creek Bridge

W Ozark Trail, Sapulpa, OK 74066

Sapulpa’s Rock Creek Bridge is one of the best remaining steel-truss bridges in Oklahoma. Developed in the mid-1800s, this design was used until World War II, when standardized concrete designs were established. While you can no longer drive over this bridge, Route 66 travelers can still stop to admire it!

Tee Pee Drive-In Theater

13166 W Ozark Trail, Sapulpa, OK 74066

Tee Pee Drive-In is a historic drive-in theater that first opened in 1950. Renovated in 2023 this classic drive-in is open once again and provides a nostalgic experience of allowing visitors to watch movies on a big screen right from their cars!

Where to Eat in Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Hungry? There are plenty of places to eat in Sapulpa! Pull over on Route 66 and explore the historic downtown area to find something to whet your appetite. Or, check out these culinary favorites.

Happy Burger

215 N Mission St, Sapulpa, OK 74066

Open since 1957, Happy Burger is the oldest restaurant in Sapulpa. They offer a small menu of hamburgers, sandwiches, and fried-up sides alongside handmade milkshakes and cherry limeades. If you’re hungry in Sapulpa, this is THE place to stop!

Patriot Cafe in Sapulpa, Oklahoma Route 66 restaurant

Patriot Cafe

1004 E Dewey Ave, Sapulpa, OK 74066

Patriot Cafe in Sapulpa, Oklahoma offers a taste of America to locals and Route 66 travelers.

Dine on a menu of American comfort foods, including grilled and fried offerings and a variety of hamburgers, cooked to order for lunch and dinner.

Crossroads Cookery

117 E Dewey Ave, Sapulpa, OK 74066

Crossroads Cookery is a saloon-style eatery in the heart of historic downtown Sapulpa. The Route 66 restaurant has an upscale comfort menu featuring favorites like smash burgers, chicken salad, and sirloin. It also hosts a tri of bars: an ice cream bar, a coffee bar, and a cocktail bar.

Route 66 Events in Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Sapulpa celebrates the spirit of Route 66 throughout the year with a variety of events. The two most popular, the Route 66 Blowout and the Route 66 Christmas Chute attract visitors from around the world to celebrate The Mother Road.

Route 66 Christmas Chute in Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Route 66 Christmas Chute

Visit Sapulpa in December to celebrate the shining lights of the holidays and the bright lights of Route 66 at an event that brings it all together: the Route 66 Christmas Chute in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Each December several blocks of Sapulpa Main Street are blocked off and lined with canopies tpacked full of themed decorations and fairy lights. The 1,000 feet of walkable chutes are assembled on this historic stretch of byway and feature different themes with 8,500 icicles, 1,100 giant ornaments, and over 35,000 lights. Themes ranged from snowmen to Christmas candy to elves to America to, of course, Route 66.

Route 66 Blowout

Sapulpa has hosted Route 66 Blowout annually since 1989. The event features car, motorcycle, and truck shows with more than 250 classic, vintage, and modified vehicles on display. The festival also hosts juried art shows, walking tours, live music, crafts, kids activities, and food vendors.

Where to Stay in Sapulpa, Oklahoma

There are unfortunately no true Route 66 motels in Salpulpa, Oklahoma. Your best bet for lodging is in Tulsa, which is only around 15 miles away. If you really want to spend the night in Sapulpa, your best bet is the Super 8 by Wyndham Sapulpa, otherwise browse our list of the Best Route 66 Motels in Oklahoma.

Super 8 by Wyndham Sapulpa

This chain motel features Route 66 artwork, free WiFi, and an outdoor swimming pool with a hotel tub. Enjoy cable TV, free parking, and a 24-hour reception desk.

How to Get to Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Sapulpa, Oklahoma is a charming town on the heart of Route 66. If you’re traveling west from Tulsa you can take Route 66 itself the whole way to Sapulpa (or hop on I-44 if you’re really in a rush). Either way, it’s about a 15-mile drive. Traveling east from Oklahoma City you can take I-44 or follow Route 66 for about 105 miles.

If you’re flying into one of those cities be sure to rent a car at the airport!

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