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Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma has been a popular stop for a bite to eat on Route 66 since 1963.

Tom Schwartz opened the restaurant in 1963. Located on Route 66 and Jefferson Highway, it soon became a welcome stop for travelers. In 2011 Alan and Beth Hilburn (high school sweethearts who have been married for more than 33 years) purchased the business and have been running it ever since.

The menu features an array of diner fare and comfort classics. An all-day breakfast features pancakes, French toast, omelets, and a breakfast burrito. Or choose from lunch options like sandwiches, hamburgers, spaghetti, Indian tacos, chicken fried steak, and more.

While you eat, admire a world-record-winning car: the colorful 1963 AMC American Rambler in the dining room broke a Guinness World Record for “Most Stickers on a Car.”

In 2022 the synthetic motor oil brand Mobil 1 held a national event called “Keep Route 66 Kickin’.” With the mission to promote Route 66, they traveled across The Mother Road, stopping at small businesses along the way. With a custom Mobil 1 muffler man in tow, they set up fun events in various locations and set out to set records everywhere they went.

The tour started with a fanfest at Santa Monica Pier, made its way to Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In in Seligman, Arizona to set a record for most milkshake flavors, went to Albuquerque New Mexico’s Clowndog Hot Dog Parlor to set a record for most corndogs eaten in 3 minutes, and ended at the Litchfield Skyview Drive-In in Illinois where it broke the world record of most dogs attending a film screening.

In Oklahoma, the Route 66 event stopped at Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita to set the record for Most Stickers on a Car. Using a 1963 American Rambler (a car from the same year the restaurant originally opened) more than 100 volunteers placed 60,066 half-inch stickers around the car’s body to create a mosaic-like image.

The final sticker was placed on Saturday, November 12, officially beating the former record of 41,500. The final car was unveiled in a celebration, with live music, food trucks, and an official declaration from Guinness World Record.

The stickered vehicle is now on display inside the restaurant in front of a large mural that celebrates the event and achievement.

As part of the “Keep Route 66 Kickin’” campaign, Mobil 1 brought a custom Muffler Man with them as they journeyed Route 66, setting it up at each of the record-breaking stops. to serve as a centerpiece for the festivities.

After the tour ended, Hi-Way Cafe was able to procure the giant and bring him back to be displayed there permanently. In July 2023 he came back to Oklahoma and is now proudly displayed outside the restaurant.

The 21-foot-tall muffler man stands tall next to a suitcase that is covered in stickers commemorating the stops on his Route 66 road trip. Since coming to the cafe, he’s been renamed “Big Bill” after the owner Beth’s father, the late Bill Wood.

On November 10, 2023, a new attraction was installed at Hi-Way Cafe: The Big Indian. The Native American statue was made by Rodman Shutt, a sculptor from Strasburg, Pennsylvania who made giant sculptures across the Northeast in the 1960s and ‘70s. Since 1974, this sculpture stood outside Native and Himalayan Views (formerly the Big Indian Shop) near Charlemont, Massachusetts, along Route 2, also known as the Mohawk Trail.

In 2023, after months of opposition from local Indigenous groups and a widely-signed petition that said the work perpetuated racial stereotypes, the owners sold the piece to Alan and Beth Hilburn, who had it restored by American Giants in Illinois before moving it to Oklahoma.

Like many businesses across Route 66, Hi-Way Cafe is home to an iconic neon sign that beckons passersby to pull over from the road.

In 2022, thanks in part to grants from the National Park Service’s Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program and the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Backing Historic Small Restaurants Grant Program, the owners were able to restore their neon sign and make other improvements to the property.

Encinos Signs in Tulsa, Oklahoma restored the sign and on March 25, 2023, a relighting ceremony was held for a crowd of 200.

The Big Bill muffler man, neon sign, and Big Indian aren’t the only things to see at Hi-Way Cafe! Also keep an eye out for Route 66 murals, a Big Boy statue, a Betty Boop statue, and an old 1963 AMC American Rambler outside.

Before you leave be sure to sign the guestbook, get your Oklahoma Route 66 passport stamped, and place a flag pin on the world map to show off where you’re from. And, if you’re feeling generous, pay it forward with Hi-Way Cafe’s “Giving Wall” that lets you donate a pre-paid meal for customers who can’t afford one.

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Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma Route 66 Restaurant

Hi-Way Cafe

437918 US-60, Vinita, OK 74301

7:00am-2:00pm (Wednesday-Sunday)
Closed (Monday-Tuesday)<
7:00am-8:00pm (the 1st Saturday of every month)


Phone Number:
(918) 256-5465

Official Website

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Photos of Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma

World Record Sticker Car at Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma Route 66 Restaurant
Garage dining room at Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma Route 66 Restaurant
Route 66 Burger at Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma Route 66 Restaurant
Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma Route 66 Restaurant
Route 66 murals at Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma Route 66 Restaurant
Route 66 murals at Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma Route 66 Restaurant
Big Boy statue at Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma Route 66 Restaurant
Route 66 murals and sticker car at Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma Route 66 Restaurant
The Big Indian at Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma Route 66 Restaurant
Big Bill Muffler Man/Mobil 1 Muffer Man at Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma Route 66 Restaurant
Big Bill Muffler Man/Mobil 1 Muffer Man at Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma Route 66 Restaurant
Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma Route 66 Restaurant

Know Before You Go

To make the most of your visit to Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Oklahoma, here are some things to know before you go.

  • Look for daily specials every day!
  • On the first Saturday of the month Hi-Way Cafe hosts Steak Night from 4:00pm to 8:00pm.

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Relax for the night at Relax Inn in Vinita. Guest rooms offer air conditioning, a seating area, cable TV, WiFi, coffee maker, and a compact refrigerator. On site parking is available for cars and larger vehicles.

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